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The Rocket Workbench is a set of tools for designing rockets and rocket components. The intended audience is builders of model and amateur rockets of all types and sizes.

Currently, the tool is used primarily to create individual components rather than complete rockets. Based on Part Workbench, the designed components can then be 3D printed, CNC manufactured, or laser cut. Future development will allow the modeler to construct complete rockets.

Parts are created by specifying parameters in the task dialog. No drawing is required.


This workbench can be installed from the Addon Manager. For manual installation see Installing more workbenches.

Getting Started



Components created using the Rocket Workbench are essentially parts similar to what you would create using the Part Workbench. They can be combined with other parts or modified using that workbench. The advantage of using the Rocket Workbench is that parts can be created with far fewer operations.

  • Fin: Create a fin


Tutorials and Learning

FreeCAD Rocket Workbench Tutorial Playlist on YouTube