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Robot InsertWaypointPre.svg Robot InsertWaypointPre

Menu location
Robot → Insert in trajectory
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Robot CreateTrajectory, Robot InsertWaypoint


Inserts a waypoint from preselected objects into a trajectory.


Depending on the used navigation style preselecting may vary.

  • For example, when using Blender navigation, you can hover with the mouse cursor over an object to highlight (preselect) it.
  • Make sure, a trajectory is selected in the Tree view.
  • Press W to insert this waypoint into the selected trajectory.


Selectable objects are:

  • Corners of solids
  • Points inserted via the Workbench Draft.svg Draft Workbench
  • Endpoints of sketch-elements such as lines, arcs (sketch must be visible)