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Robot Edge2Trac.svg Robot Edge2Trac

Системное название
Robot Edge2Trac
Расположение в меню
Робот → Край траектории
Быстрые клавиши
Представлено в версии
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Добавляет новый объект, преобразующий грани (edges) в траекторию.


  1. Select edges of shapes/solids
  2. Click on Robot Edge2Trac.svg or choose RobotRobot Edge2Trac.svg Edge to Trajectory... from the top menu.
  3. A menu will pop up in the Task panel
    Robot Edge2Trac Menu.jpg
  4. In the top white box there will be displayed the name of the shape/solid present in the scene.
    By selecting edges they will appear with their name in the lowest white box.
    By clicking on Apply the entries "Edges" and "Cluster" will turn green and the numbers beside them will show how many elements were recognized.
    By clicking on OK you will close this dialog.


You are able to change values for this trajectory by defining a Robot TrajectoryDressUp.svg Trajectory Dress-up.