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Custom Repositories
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Private preference packs can be added by adding custom github repositories to the Addon manager. This allows testing or simply private usage.

See also Preference Packs.

Add custom repository

Begin by adding a custom repository. Go to Edit → Preferences → Addon manager options and click the + button to open the Custom repository dialog.

Preferences AM addrepo.png

Custom repository dialog

Enter the URL of the github repository and the branch.

Preferences AM customrepo.png

In this example I have added:

Click OK when complete.

Preferences with custom repository added

Preferences AM after.png

Click OK when complete.

Custom preference pack in Addon manager

The custom pack can now be installed using Tools → Addon manager.

PreferencePack in AM.png

Apply the preference pack

Once installed go to Edit → Preferences → General, find the preference pack, and click Apply. Follow any instructions offered.

PeferencesPP apply.png