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FreeCAD is able to perform plots using the matplotlib Python library. A module is provided to this end, as an external add-on in version 0.19 and as a core component from version 0.20 on. Older versions of FreeCAD are not covered in this documentation.

The produced plots offer the standard matplotlib tools to edit and save. On top of that, a Workbench Plot.svg Plot Workbench is provided as an external add-on offering more complete tools to edit the plot and save it. The add-on can be installed with the Add-on manager.


The module can be invoked in a Python console or in a macro. The first thing you must do is importing the module. In FreeCAD 0.19 you must first install the Workbench Plot.svg Plot Workbench using the Add-on manager, and then you can import Plot by typing:

from freecad.plot import Plot

Since FreeCAD 0.20 the plot module is already packaged with the program, so you don't need to install any add-on, but just type:

from FreeCAD.Plot import Plot

After that, you can plot a straight line from (0,0) to (1,2) just simply typing:

Plot.plot([0, 1], [0, 2])

You can find more complex examples in the Plot Basic tutorial and the Plot MultiAxes tutorial.


If you decide to install the Workbench Plot.svg Plot Workbench using the Add-on manager, you will have the following tools available to manage the plots created with the module:

  • Plot Save.png Guardar gráfico: Guarda el gráfico en varios formatos, seleccionando el tamaño y resolución.
  • Plot Axes.png Ejes: Añade, elimina o edita los ejes.
  • Plot Series.png Series: Edita el estilo de las series y establece su título.
  • Plot Grid.png Malla: Muestra/oculat la malla.
  • Plot Legend.png Legenda: Muestra/oculta la leyenda.
  • Plot Labels.png Títulos: Edita los títulos.
  • Plot Positions.png Posiciones: Posiciona los diferentes elementos, como títulos o legenda.



Siendo el módulo de graficado una adaptación de matplotlib, usted puede hacer uso libremente de todas las posibilidades del mismo. Acuda a la sección Scripting and macros para saber más.