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These experimental features allow milling of four axis faces and pockets

These features are in early development. Bugs may exist. Thank you for your feedback and testing.


Ideally, upgrade to version 0.19.16502, or higher.

Download these scripts:

Place them in your FreeCAD/Mod/Path/PathScripts directory, *after* renaming your originals for safe keeping. Rename the new scripts to the original script names. Restart FreeCAD and have fun.

Use at your own risk.


Current 4th-axis capable operations do not handle complex/compound rotations: those involving X and Y simultaneously.

There is currently no GUI integration of 4th-axis rotational settings in the release branch. All related settings are in the Data tab of the Properties View section for each individual operation supported.


Profile Faces

  • Select the face(s) for the operation as normal
  • Click on the Path Profile Faces icon to start the operation
  • Change your settings as desired
  • Click OK to run the operation
  • In the properties list for the new operation, change the "Enable Rotation" setting as needed for the face(s)
  • Recompute the operation
  • Adjust start/final depths as needed. Final depth is coded to NOT go beyond the selected face used for the profile.

Pocket Shape

  • Click on the Path Pocket Shape icon to start the operation.
  • Click the OK to create the operation - no faces selected
  • Select the new Pocket_Shape operation in task window
  • In the operation's Properties list, scroll to Path section and change the "Enable Rotation" property to the desired 4th-axis setting.
  • Re-compute the operation
  • Double click on the same operation, to edit settings in the task window.
  • Open the 'Base Geometry' tab. Select one face (preferred at the moment) and click the 'Add' button, placing that face in the Base Geometry list.
  • Change the other operation settings as desired.
  • Click OK to save and apply the changes.


  • There is an "Inverse Angle" property. You may have to toggle this to get correct paths for some of your faces.
  • Set "Enable Rotation" to other than 'Off' to profile faces perpendicularly that are not normal to Z-axis.
  • Toggle the "Reverse Direction" property if the path appears to be off by 180 degrees.