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    Path DressupRampEntry.svg Path DressupRampEntry

    Menu location
    Path → Path Dressup → RampEntry
    Default shortcut
    Introduced in version
    See also
    Path DressupTag, Path DressupDogbone, Path DressupDragKnife


    The tool Path DressupRampEntry.svg DressupRampEntry dresses up an existing path to add a ramp entry.


    1. Select a contour or profile path objects.
    2. Select the Path → Path Dressup → Path DressupRampEntry.svg RampEntry option from the menu.


    • Ramp Feed Rate : Can either be the current vertical or horizontal feed rate or some other custom value
    • Angle : Angle of the ramp against the vertical axis. A smaller value makes the ramp steeper.
    • Method : Used to select different modes of ramping:
      • RampMethod1: goes down at the ramp angle and the moves horizontal to the target point
      • RampMethod2: goes horizontal first and then down at the ramp angle to the target point
      • RampMethod3: goes down in a zigzag way
      • Helix: goes down spiraling
    • Dressup Start Depth : The distance above the target level where ramping starts
    • Use Start Depth : Indicates that the ramping does not start above the stock level. If it is not set to true the first ramp can be steeper than expected.

    Ramp method 1.png Ramp method 2.png Ramp method 3.png

    From left to right: Ramp method 1, 2 and 3

    Ramp method Helix.png

    Ramp method Helix