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Path Custom

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Path → Supplemental Commands → Custom
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The tool Custom inserts a path object which is built from hand coded custom G-code.

Because the Custom G-code command provides no link to a Tool Controller, if a Tool is used by the custom G-code, the Tool index must be written, along with the Spindle Start M-code, in order that it is passed to the Postprocessor. This ensures that Tool changes and starts will be properly generated.

For example, to convey to the Postprocessor that the Tool used in the Custom G-code operation has Tool index 6, and a Spindle Speed of 10,000, insert the following code at the beginning of the Custom G-code Operation:

(T6: 4mm Endmill)

M6 T6

M3 S10000

Note that Feed rates will be correctly generated by the Postprocessor, only if the Custom G-code Feed rates are written in Units/second.


  1. Press the Custom button
  2. Write custom G-code in the G Code property of the newly created object. Refer to the Path scripting page for supported G-code commands.


  • DataG Code: The custom G-code commands to build the path on.