Part RefineShape

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Part RefineShape

Menu location
Part → Create a copy → Refine Shape
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Part SimpleCopy, Part TransformedCopy, Part ElementCopy, OpenSCAD RefineShapeFeature


The Part RefineShape command produces parametric copies with a refined shape from selected objects. It can for example be used to remove unnecessary edges left over after a Part Fuse operation.

Original with 11 faces (left), and refined copy with 7 faces (right).


  1. Select one or more objects.
  2. Select the Part → Create a copy → Refine shape option from the menu.
  3. For each object a cleaned, parametric copy is created
  4. The original objects are hidden.


  • This command can be used as the last step in a traditional constructive solid geometry workflow.
  • It may help to clean up the model before applying other features, such as fillets.
  • Cleaning up an object may prevent 3D printers from printing unwanted edges once the object is exported to a mesh format.
  • This command can also be used after converting a mesh to a shape (Part ShapeFromMesh).
  • By default this command creates parametric (linked) copies. There is fine-tuning parameter to change this to non-parametric copies. More information about parametric/non-parametric copy behavior can be found in this forum post.
  • Some interesting information about what is happening with placement and how to access by Python can be found in this forum post.


The Python command for refining a shape is the following: