Part Primitives

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Part Primitives

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Part → Create primitives...
Part, OpenSCAD
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Part Builder


The Part Primitives command opens a dialog to create one or more parametric primitives. 16 primitive types are available.

The primitives that can be created with the command



  1. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Part Primitives button.
    • Select the Part → Create Primitives... option from the menu.
  2. The Geometric Primitives task panel opens.
  3. Select a primitive type from the dropdown list.
  4. Specify the properties.
  5. Press the Create button.
  6. The primitive object is created.
  7. Note that the task panel stays open.
  8. Optionally create additional primitives.
  9. Press the Close button to close the task panel and finish the command.


  1. Double-click the primitive object in the Tree view.
  2. The Geometric Primitives task panel opens.
  3. Change one or more properties.
  4. The object is dynamically updated in the 3D view.
  5. Press the OK button.

The properties of a Part Primitive can also be changed in the Property editor, and its DataPlacement can also be changed with the Std TransformManip command.

Geometric Primitives

The following primitives can be created:

  • Plane: Creates a plane.
  • Box: Creates a box. This object can also be created with the Box tool.
  • Cylinder: Creates a cylinder. This object can also be created with the Cylinder tool.
  • Cone: Creates a cone. This object can also be created with the Cone tool.
  • Sphere: Creates a sphere. This object can also be created with the Sphere tool.
  • Ellipsoid: Creates a ellipsoid.
  • Torus: Creates a torus. This object can also be created with the Torus tool.
  • Prism: Creates a prism.
  • Wedge: Creates a wedge.
  • Helix: Creates a helix.
  • Spiral: Creates a spiral.
  • Circle: Creates a circular arc.
  • Ellipse: Creates an elliptical arc.
  • Point: Creates a point.
  • Line: Creates a line.
  • Regular polygon: Creates a regular polygon.


  • The Part Primitives command cannot create a Part Tube.


See also: Autogenerated API documentation, Part scripting and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

There is a Python script to test the creation of the primitives. It can be run from the Python console:

import parttests.part_test_objects as pto

This script is located in the installation directory of the program, and can be examined to see how the basic primitives are built:


It can be used as input for the program as well:

freecad $INSTALL_DIR/Mod/Part/parttests/