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    Part Mirror.svg Part Mirror

    Menu location
    Part → Mirror
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    Part Mirror creates a new object (image) which is a reflection of the original object (source). The image object is created behind a mirror plane. The mirror plane may be standard plane (XY, YZ, or XZ), or any plane parallel to a standard plane.

    An example:

    After (mirrored through YZ plane)



    1. Select the source object from the Mirroring Panel list.
    2. Select a standard Mirror plane from the dropdown menu.
    3. Press OK to create the image object.


    The Base point boxes can be used to move the mirror plane parallel to the selected standard mirror plane. Only one of the X, Y, or Z boxes is effective for a given standard plane.

    Standard Plane Base Point Box Effect
    XY Z Move mirror plane along Z axis.
    XY X, Y No effect.
    XZ Y Move mirror plane along Y axis.
    XZ X, Z No effect.
    YZ X Move mirror plane along X axis.
    YZ Y, Z No effect.


    • App Link objects linked to the appropriate object types and App Part containers with the appropriate visible objects inside can also be used as source objects. introduced in version 0.20
    • Arbitrary mirror planes (ie not parallel to a standard plane) are not supported.