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Part Fuse.png Part Union

Umístění Menu
Part → Boolean → Union
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Part Cut, Part Common


Sjednocuje vybrané objekty Díl do jednoho. Tato operace je plně parametrická a komponenty mohou být upravovány a výsledek přepočítáván.

Note: This command is an automated form of the Part Boolean.svg Boolean operation.


  1. Select two or more shapes
  2. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Part Fuse.svg Part Fuse button in the Part tools toolbar
    • Use the Part → Boolean → Union entry in the Part menu

Supported inputs

Input objects must be OpenCASCADE shapes. Examples: stuff made with Part, PartDesign, Sketcher workbenches. Not meshes (unless those were converted to shapes) - for meshes, there are specific Boolean tools in MeshDesign workbench.

  • Solid + Solid: the result is a solid that occupies all the volume covered by the inputs
  • Shell + Shell, Shell + Face, Face + Face: the result is a shell. Where faces intersect, they are split. Shells can be non-manifold. After fusion, faces can be united by Refining the result.
  • Wire + Wire, Edge + Wire, Edge + Edge: the result is a wire. Edges are split where they intersect.

Compounds are supported; however, it is assumed that shapes packed into a compound do not touch or intersect. If they actually do, Fusion will likely fail, or produce an incorrect result.


Items can be added and removed from a fusion, by dragging them in or out of the fusion feature in the tree view with the mouse. To drag items out of a fusion you have to drop them onto the document node (the filename) of your model. A manual recompute (press F5 key or click on the Std Refresh.svg Refresh/Recompute icon) is required to see the results.

After this operation is complete, it may be necessary to clean up the shape with Part RefineShape.svg RefineShape.