Explodir composição

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    Part ExplodeCompound.svg Part ExplodeCompound

    Menu location
    Part → Compound → Explode compound
    Default shortcut
    Introduced in version
    See also
    Part Compound, Draft Downgrade


    Tool to split up compounds of shapes, to make each contained shape (child) available as a separate object in model tree. The children are automatically put into a Group if there is more than one child.

    It is semi-parametric: the shapes of the children will update as the source compound changes, but if the number of children in the compound is changed, the explosion will be either missing some shapes, or have redundant objects in an error state.

    Placements of extracted shapes follow the placements of the originals, plus the Placement property of each child.

    The tool will also explode non-compound shapes into their lower-level constituents: compsolids into solids, solids into shells, shells into faces, faces into wires, wires into edges, edges into vertices.


    1. Invoke the Part ExplodeCompound tool several ways:
      • Pressing on the Part ExplodeCompound.svg button in the Part toolbar
      • Using the Part → Compound → Explode compound entry in the Part menu

    Use cases

    • Tweaking positions of shapes made by Draft OrthoArray.svg Draft OrthoArray
    • Obtaining split pieces from result of Part Slice.svg Part Slice and Part Cut.svg Part Cut
    • Obtaining individual contours from multi-contour sketches and faces
    • Obtaining a pure solid from a solid-in-compound, for use in Workbench FEM.svg FEM Workbench.