Part CompJoinFeatures

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    Part CompJoinFeatures.png Part CompJoinFeatures

    Menu location
    Part → Join
    Default shortcut
    Introduced in version
    See also
    Part JoinConnect, Part JoinEmbed, Part JoinCutout, Part Boolean, Part Thickness


    This command is a dropdown toolbar button containing all the Join tools. See individual tool pages for more info.


    • Part JoinConnect.svg Connect: connects interiors of two walled objects (e.g., pipes). It can also join shells and wires.
    • Part JoinEmbed.svg Embed: embeds a walled object (e.g., a pipe) into another walled object.
    • Part JoinCutout.svg Cutout: creates a cutout in a walled object (e.g., a pipe) to fit another walled object.

    JoinFeatures dropdownToolbarButton.png

    Dropdown menu of the different Join Features within the interface

    JoinFeatures demo.png

    Above: showing the result of each tool available