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Part Box.svg Part Box

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The Part Box.svg Part Box command creates a parametric box solid, a rectangular cuboid. In the coordinate system defined by its ÚdajePlacement property, the bottom face of the box lies on the XY plane with its front left corner at the origin, and its front edge parallel to the X axis.

Part Box Example.png


V datové záložce boxu mohou být později upravovány vlastnosti objektu:


Part Box from the scripting example

A Part Box object created with the scripting example below is shown here.


  • A Part Box can also be created with the Part Primitives.svg Part Primitives command. With that command you can specify the dimensions and placement at creation time.


See also: Property editor.

A Part Box object is derived from a Part Feature object and inherits all its properties. It also has the following additional properties:



The object has the same attachment properties as a Part Part2DObject.


  • ÚdajeLength (Length): The length of the box. This is the dimension in its X direction. The default is 10mm.
  • ÚdajeWidth (Length): The width of the box. This is the dimension in its Y direction. The default is 10mm.
  • ÚdajeHeight (Length): The height of the box. This is dimension in its Z direction. The default is 10mm.


See also: Autogenerated API documentation, Part scripting and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

A Part Box can be created with the addObject() method of the document:

box = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject("Part::Box", "myBox")
  • Where "myBox" is the name for the object.
  • The function returns the newly created object.


import FreeCAD as App

doc = App.activeDocument()

box = doc.addObject("Part::Box", "myBox")
box.Length = 4
box.Width = 8
box.Height = 12
box.Placement = App.Placement(App.Vector(1, 2, 3), App.Rotation(75, 60, 30))