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PartDesign Sprocket.svg PartDesign Sprocket

Menu location
Part Design → Sprocket...
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This tool allows you to create a 2D profile of a sprocket (or chainwheel). It can be padded with the PartDesign Pad feature.


  1. Go to the menu Part Design → PartDesign Sprocket.svg Sprocket....
  2. Set the DataNumber Of Teeth and the DataSprocket Reference.
  3. Click OK
  4. If the sprocket gear is created outside of the active body, drag and drop it into a body for the application of further features like padding.


  • DataNumber Of Teeth: Number of teeth
  • DataSprocket Reference: The sprocket type. A list of sprocket definitions. introduced in version 0.20 The list includes ANSI and ISO-norms as well as some bicycle and motorcycle sprocket definitions.
  • DataPitch: Distance between two teeth
  • DataRoller Diameter: Diameter of the chain rollers the sprocket is designed for
  • DataThickness:The principal thickness of the sprocket. Note: The sprocket cannot just be padded with this thickness because the teeth have side chamfers. Therefore look at the sprocket definition to model a valid 3D sprocket. introduced in version 0.20

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