PartDesign Sprocket

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PartDesign Sprocket

Menu location
Part Design → Sprocket...
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This tool allows you to create a 2D profile of a sprocket (or chainwheel). It can be padded with the PartDesign Pad feature.


  1. Optionally activate the correct body.
  2. Go to the menu Part Design → Sprocket....
  3. Set the DataNumber Of Teeth and the DataSprocket Reference.
  4. Click OK.
  5. If there was no active body: drag and drop the sprocket into a body for the application of further features like padding.


  • DataNumber Of Teeth: Number of teeth
  • DataSprocket Reference: The sprocket type. A list of sprocket definitions. introduced in version 0.20 The list includes ANSI and ISO-norms as well as some bicycle and motorcycle sprocket definitions.
  • DataPitch: Distance between two teeth
  • DataRoller Diameter: Diameter of the chain rollers the sprocket is designed for
  • DataThickness:The principal thickness of the sprocket. Note: The sprocket cannot just be padded with this thickness because the teeth have side chamfers. Therefore look at the sprocket definition to model a valid 3D sprocket. introduced in version 0.20