PartDesign MoveFeatureInTree

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    PartDesign MoveFeatureInTree.svg PartDesign MoveFeatureInTree

    Menu location
    Context menu → Move object after other object
    Default shortcut
    Introduced in version
    See also
    PartDesign Set tip, PartDesign Move object to other body


    PartDesign MoveFeatureInTree.svg Move object after other object, as this command is labeled in the context menu, allows reordering of objects under a Body. Sketches, datum geometry and features are supported.


    1. In the Model tree, select the object(s) to be moved then right-click to open the context menu.
    2. Select Move object after other object.
    3. In the Select feature dialog, select the object under which to move the object(s).
    4. Press OK.


    The following three pictures show the same model with a pocket defined on a sketch attached to the datum plane. The features are reordered from one picture to the other. This has the effect that the pocket makes either no hole or make holes in different pads, depending on the order of the features in the model tree.

    PD move feature0.png
    Hole Pad002.png
    PD move feature2.png