PartDesign AdditiveBox

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PartDesign AdditiveBox

Menu location
Part Design → Create an additive primitive → Additive Box
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
PartDesign CompPrimitiveAdditive, PartDesign SubtractiveBox


Inserts a primitive box in the active Body as the first feature, or fuses it to the existing feature(s).


  1. Press the Additive Box button. Note: the Additive Box is part of an icon menu labelled Create an additive primitive. After launching FreeCAD, the Additive Box is the one displayed in the toolbar. If a different primitive is displayed, click on the down arrow besides the icon and select Additive Box in the menu.
  2. Set the Primitive parameters and Attachment.
  3. Click OK.
  4. A Box feature appears under the active Body.


The Box can be edited after its creation in two ways:

  • Double-clicking it in the Model tree, or by right-clicking and selecting Edit primitive in the contextual menu; this brings up the Primitive parameters.
  • Via the Property editor.


  • DataAttachment: defines the attachment mode as well as the Attachment Offset. See Part EditAttachment.
  • DataLabel: Label given to the Box object. Change to suit your needs.
  • DataLength: the Box's dimension in the X-direction.
  • DataWidth: the Box's dimension in the Y-direction.
  • DataHeight: the Box's dimension in the Z-direction.