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POV-Ray-Rendering Workbench icon


The POV-Ray-Rendering Workbench is an external workbench built to make rendering easy but it also offers options for advanced users. The workbench uses the POV-Ray renderer.

POV-Ray-Rendering Example.png


Applying textures

There are more than 100 predefined textures you can apply, but you can also define your own textures.

POV-Ray-Rendering Textures.png

Thumbnails and live preview

To see the impact of the selected texture options you can check the pre-rendered thumbnail or use the live preview to render the texture.


With the three light types: area light, point light and spot light, and their different options, you can create advanced lighting.

POV-Ray-Rendering Lights.png

Indirect lighting (GI)

The workbench has the option to enable indirect lighting to create more realistic images.

POV-Ray-Rendering IndirectLighting.png

HDRI environments

With support for HDRI environments, beautiful environments are simple to use.

POV-Ray-Rendering HDRI.png

User inc file

Power users who want access to all options of the POV-Ray renderer can do so by creating a special file. For more details see the Power User page on our Wiki.


Here is a simple demonstration of the workbench:

POV-Ray-Rendering Demo.gif

There are many more options on the other tabs, please explore them yourself, or you can visit our Wiki: Workbench Wiki


This workbench can be installed and updated from the AddonManager.svg Addon Manager. The POV-Ray renderer used by the workbench has to be installed separately. See Install POV.

To complete the installation the path to the POV-Ray executable has to be defined in the workbench preferences:

POV-Ray-Rendering ExePath.png


  • POV-Ray-Rendering OpenDialog.svg OpenDialog: Opens the dialog where most of the work is done. Here you can apply textures, add HDRI environments, etc. and start the rendering.
  • POV-Ray-Rendering PointLight.svg Point Light: Inserts a Point Light.
  • POV-Ray-Rendering AreaLight.svg Area Light: Inserts an Area Light.
  • POV-Ray-Rendering SpotLight.svg Spot Light: Inserts a Spot Light.


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