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Mesh SegmentationBestFit

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Meshes → Create mesh segments from best-fit surfaces...
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Mesh Segmentation


The Mesh SegmentationBestFit command creates separate mesh segments for specified surface types of a mesh object. The command can also identify their parameters which can be useful when re-engineering a mesh object.


  1. If you plan to identify the parameters of a surface type, note that the command uses the color red to mark the faces selected for this option. To see them properly:
    • The ViewDisplay Mode of the mesh object ideally should be Flat lines, but should at least show faces. If necessary use the Std DrawStyle command to override this property.
    • The ViewShape Color of the mesh object should not be red.
  2. Select a single mesh object.
  3. There are several ways to invoke the command:
  4. The Mesh segmentation task panel opens.
  5. Optionally press one of the Parameters... buttons to identify the parameters of a surface:
    • The Surface fit dialog box opens.
    • Select one or more faces belonging to the surface:
      • Press the Region button and while holding down the left mouse button draw a region, a closed spline, in the 3D view. Faces that (partially) fall inside the region will be selected.
      • Press the Triangle button to select individual faces.
      • Optionally press the Clear button to clear the selection.
    • Press the Compute button to calculate the parameters.
    • Press the OK or Cancel button to close the dialog box.
  6. Select the surface type(s) you wish to create mesh segments for:
    • Plane
    • Cylinder
    • Sphere
  7. Specify the Tolerance values.
  8. Specify the Minimum number of faces values.
  9. Press the OK button.
  10. The command will create a group containing separate mesh objects, each a segment of the original mesh object.
  11. If the created group is empty try using the command again with modified settings.