Mesh RemoveComponents

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    Mesh RemoveComponents.svg Mesh_RemoveComponents

    Menu location
    Meshes → Remove components...
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    Introduced in version
    See also
    Mesh RemoveCompByHand, Arch SplitMesh


    The Mesh RemoveComponents command removes faces from mesh objects.

    Meshes RemoveComponents.jpg

    The Remove components task panel


    1. The command uses the color red to mark selected faces. To see them properly:
      • The ViewDisplay Mode of the mesh objects ideally should be Flat lines, but should at least show faces. If necessary use the Std DrawStyle command to override this property.
      • The ViewShape Color of the mesh objects should not be red.
    2. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    3. The Remove components task panel opens.
    4. Use one or more of the Select options to select faces:
      • Press the Region button and while holding down the left mouse button draw a region, a closed spline, in the 3D view. Faces that match the Region options and (partially) fall inside the region will be selected.
      • Press the All button to select all faces.
      • Press the Components button to select all components with fewer than the specified maximum number of faces. Here a component refers to a complete group of connected faces. Usually a mesh object contains a single component. But, for example after using the Mesh Merge command, a mesh object can contain multiple components.
      • Press the Pick triangle button to select a single face in the 3D view. If the Select whole component option is checked, selecting a face will result in selecting the entire component the face belongs to.
    5. Optionally use one or more of the Deselect options to deselect faces. These options are identical to the Select options, except that the number of faces for the Components button is a minimum number.
    6. Optionally press the Invert button to invert the selection.
    7. Press the Delete button to delete the selected faces.
    8. Press the Close button to close the task panel and finish the command.