Mesh Merge

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    Mesh Merge.svg Mesh Merge

    Menu location
    Meshes → Merge
    Default shortcut
    Introduced in version
    See also
    Mesh SplitComponents


    The Mesh Merge command creates a new non-parametric mesh object, a Mesh Feature, by combining the meshes of two or more mesh objects. The command does not perform a Boolean union, the new object will contain separate mesh components. For a Boolean union use the Mesh Union command instead. This command is the counterpart of the Mesh SplitComponents command.


    1. Select two or more mesh objects.
    2. There are several ways to invoke the command:
      • Press the Mesh Merge.svg Mesh Merge button.
      • Select the Meshes → Mesh Merge.svg Merge option from the menu.


    See: Mesh Feature.