Mesh EvaluateSolid

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    Mesh EvaluateSolid.svg Mesh EvaluateSolid

    Menu location
    Meshes → Analyze → Check solid mesh
    Default shortcut
    Introduced in version
    See also
    Arch SelectNonSolidMeshes


    The Mesh EvaluateSolid command checks if a mesh object is solid. A solid mesh object does not have any holes.


    1. Select a single mesh object.
    2. There are several ways to invoke the command:
      • Press the Mesh EvaluateSolid.svg Mesh EvaluateSolid button.
      • Select the Meshes → Analyze → Mesh EvaluateSolid.svg Check solid mesh option from the menu.
    3. The Solid Mesh dialog box opens informing that the selected mesh object is solid or not.
    4. Press the OK button to close the dialog box and finish the command.