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Mesh AddFacet

Menu location
Meshes → Add triangle
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Mesh FillupHoles, Mesh FillInteractiveHole


The Mesh AddFacet command adds faces along a boundary of an open mesh object. It can be used to fill holes.


  1. During the command edit mode will be active. In this mode it is impossible to rotate or pan the 3D view, although zooming still works. But you can temporarily switch out of edit mode with the Std ToggleNavigation command should you need to change the view.
  2. Select a single open mesh object.
  3. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Add triangle button.
    • Select the Meshes → Add triangle option from the menu.
  4. If you hover over a vertex along a boundary of the mesh a yellow marker will appear and a left-click will select it.
  5. Select two additional points to define a triangular face. The order of the three points, clockwise or counterclockwise, determines the direction of the normal of the face.
  6. A menu pops up with the following options:
    • Add triangle: adds the face to the mesh.
    • Flip normal: flips the normal of the face. After selecting this option a left-click will again show the menu.
    • Clear: removes the selected points.
  7. Optionally add more faces.
  8. Choose Finish from the 3D view contex menu to finish the command.


  • For a clear indication of the orientation of the faces of mesh objects make sure the ViewLighting property of the mesh objects is set to One side. The color of the back side of their faces will then depend on the backlight settings: Edit → Preferences... → Display → 3D View → Backlight color - Intensity. See: Preferences Editor.