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This is the documentation wiki of FreeCAD. There are several ways to use this documentation: by exploring the hubs, by following the manual, or by using the Help menu entries from within FreeCAD. This is a work in progress, written by the community of users and developers of FreeCAD. If you find information that is wrong or missing, please help FreeCAD!

The hubs

Users hub: This page contains documentation useful for FreeCAD users in general: a list of all the workbenches, detailed instructions on how to install and use the FreeCAD application, tutorials, and all you need to get started.

Power users hub: This page gathers documentation for advanced users and people interested in writing Python scripts. There you will also find a repository of macros, instructions on how to install and use them, and more information about customizing FreeCAD to your specific needs.

Developers hub: This section contains material for developers: How to compile FreeCAD yourself, how the FreeCAD source code is structured, how to navigate the source code, how to develop new workbenches, and embed FreeCAD in your own application.


The FreeCAD manual is another, more linear way to present the information contained in this wiki. It is designed to be read like a book, and will gently introduce you to many other pages from the hubs above. ebook versions are also available, as well as a couple of translations in pdf format.

Table of contents

FreeCAD manualen är ett pågående arbete av communityn för att få förstklassig dokumentation om hur man använder FreeCAD, och den finns redan på några språk. den saknar fortfarande mycket information, så känn dig fri att gå med och bidra!

Om utvecklingen


There is plenty to do inside the FreeCAD project, if you are interested in helping us. Of course, there are programming tasks for C++ or Python programmers, but there are also many things you can do even if you cannot code, such as

  • writing documentation and editing the wiki (en)
  • helping newcomers
  • translating the application and documentation
  • helping with the packaging of the latest release of FreeCAD for your favourite operating system
  • helping other people around you to discover FreeCAD.

The help FreeCAD page describes it all with more details. Starting from 2016, FreeCAD also participates in the Google Summer of Code.

Önskad hjälp

FreeCAD kan kompileras med cMake eller autotools, subversion länken är och det finns kompileringsinstruktioner Windows, Unix/Linux och MacOSX.

About the development

Titta på Development roadmap för nyheter om vad som är planerat, Ändringsloggen och Karta mantis sidorna för att se stegen mog nästa utgåva, eller FreeCAD Projektstatistik för ytterligare information om FreeCADs kodbas. All utvecklingskommunikation sker på forumet, så gå dit om du vill gå med.