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Macro Seleziona passando il mouse.

Questa macro seleziona a scelta una Faccia, Bordo, Vertice passando il mouse.
PS: Per deselezionare una faccia (o altro) cliccare Pause grab e usare la procedura standard: CTRL + Click

Versione macro: 00.03b
Ultima modifica: 2020-10-28
Versione FreeCAD: All
Download: ToolBar Icon
Autore: Mario52
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Questa macro seleziona a scelta una Faccia, Bordo, Vertice passando sopra con il mouse

Macro Select Hovering

Temporary code for external macro link. Do not use this code. This code is used exclusively by Addon Manager. Link for optional manual installation: Macro

# This code is copied instead of the original macro code
# to guide the user to the online download page.
# Use it if the code of the macro is larger than 64 KB and cannot be included in the wiki
# or if the RAW code URL is somewhere else in the wiki.

from PySide import QtGui, QtCore

diag = QtGui.QMessageBox(QtGui.QMessageBox.Information,
    "This macro must be downloaded from this link\n"
    "" + "\n"
    "Quit this window to access the download page")


import webbrowser"")

Macro Select Hovering

PS: Per deselezionare una faccia (o altro) cliccare Pause grab e usare la procedura standard: CTRL + Click


Passare sopra agli elementi con il mouse

Section Face

Select Face → 3 number of face(s) 300.0 area total of selections 100.0 area of the latest selection

Section Edge

Select Edge → 4 number of edge(s) 40.0 length total of selections 10.0 length of the latest selection

Section Vertex

Select Vertex → 1 number of vertex(s)

Section Main

Title display info of the :

  • ( Obj: 1 ) : number object(s) selected
  • ( Sub: 8 ) : number of Sub object(s) selected
  • ( Tot: 9 ) : Somme Obj + Sub

Unnamed: Box. Face6 (1.34,2.64,10.0)

  • display little info and info below the cursor mouse

Unnamed: 1 : (8 sel.) (Obj. 1, Fa. 3, Ed. 4, Ve. 1)

  • Name of document
  • 8 selections
  • Obj. 1 object
  • Fa. 3 faces
  • Ed. 4 edges
  • Ve. 1 vertex
  • If you use several document the macro restores only the selection in the document open (to work)
  • The toolTip display the listing of the selected document Name and subObject

Info objects memorized displayed

Selected by Box

  • if you select by the Box selection this button select all objects checked of the selection
  • Other think you check the vertex option and you want selected all vertexes of the object ... click this button

Reset Data

  • Reset all data in the macro (not the memo)

Reset Memo

  • Reset the memo

Remove selection

  • Remove the selections in the current document

(PS: if several document are open on click mouse in the 3D view remove all selection in all documents)


  • Quit the macro

Pause grab/Refresh

  • Pause the macro for ex: deselect on of many object
  • after pause click for return on macro and upgrade al info in the macro
  • Can be use for upgrade the selections in the macro (all time)
  • Ex: many object are selected before run the macro
  • The macro adapts and detect all change of document


L'icona deve essere copiata nella stessa directory della macro

The icon ToolBar Macro Select Hovering




ver 00.04 (11/01/2024) : add:

  • LineEdit info,
  • ComboBox memo selection,
  • Button Memo selection,
  • Button Selected by body
  • Button Reset Data
  • Button Reset Memo
  • Button Remove Selection

ver 00.03b (28/10/2020) : add print() for Python 3

ver 00.03 (26/12/2017)  : replace test with (FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.getObject(obj), sub) == False)

ver 00.02 (26/12/2017)  :

ver 00.01 (25/12/2017)  :


Multiple face selection to convert a shape to a solid