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    Lattice2 Lattice2.svg

    The FreeCAD Lattice2 External Workbench Icon


    Lattice2 is stable. New features may be added, but no breaking changes are supposed to happen.

    The Lattice2 Workbench is a FreeCAD external workbench that serves the purpose of working with placements and arrays of placements. It is a sort of Assembly workbench, but with emphasis on arrays. There are no constraints and relations, there are just arrays of placements that can be generated, combined, transformed, superimposed, and populated with shapes.

    Ever wondered how to create a protractor with FreeCAD? That's the aim of the workbench (including tick labeling). Also, exploded assemblies can be made with the workbench.

    Additionally, the workbench features a few general-purpose tools, such as parametric downgrade, bounding boxes, shape info tool, and tools for working with collections of shapes (compounds).

    One of the big design goals of the workbench is being as parametric as possible.



    Detailed description on the Lattice2 Github wiki



    Lattice2 Toolbar




    Prerequisites: Lattice2 Workbench requires FreeCAD >= v0.16.5155.

    Automatic installation

    As of v0.17 one can use the Std AddonMgr.svg Addon Manager to install the Lattice2 Lattice2.svg Lattice2 Workbench. Use Tools → Addon Manager

    Manual Install

    • Scroll to the top of the page, and click 'download zip' button
    • Unpack the contents into a "Lattice2" folder created in \Path\to\FreeCAD\Mod, and restart FreeCAD.
    • Note that (and the rest of .py files) should end up directly under Mod\Lattice2 (not under nested directory like Mod\Lattice2\Lattice2).

    After you install the workbench, it should appear at the bottom of list of workbench selector in FreeCAD.


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