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Standard Installation

The easiest way to install the latest stable version of FreeCAD is to use the installer, see the Download page.


.msi (Microsoftインストーラー)ファイルをダウンロードし、それをダブルクリックするだけでインストール処理が開始します。

以下には技術的なオプションのより詳しい情報が記載されています。よくわからなくても心配は無用です!ほとんどのWindowsユーザーはインストール用.msiで行うこと以上のことは必要ありません。 さあ始めましょう

Installation for all users of the Windows system

By default FreeCAD will be installed for the user that executes the installer. If this user only has user permissions, the default installation path is:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\FreeCAD X.YY

If the installer is executed by an admin user, or you execute it as admin, you can choose if FreeCAD should be installed for all users of the system or just for you. The default is for all users.

If installed for all users, the default installation path is:

C:\Program Files\FreeCAD X.YY

Silent Installation

To install FreeCAD silently, you can execute the installer from the command line:

FreeCAD-~.exe /S

Default settings will be used for all options. A custom installation path can be specified in this manner:

FreeCAD-~.exe /S /D=A path to FreeCAD with spaces

By default, even with silent installations, there will be a short popup when the installer is checked for corruption. This so-called cyclic redundancy check only takes a few seconds at most. To disable this corruption check:

FreeCAD-~.exe /S /NCRC

Note that this /NCRC flag is not recommended since the corruption check assures that the installer was e.g. completely downloaded.


Using the Chocolatey package manager is currently not recommended as that repository is no longer kept up-to-date.


To uninstall FreeCAD it is preferable to use the Windows tools for uninstalling software. Alternatively you can execute the uninstaller directly. This is the file:


You can find it in the folder where FreeCAD is installed.

The uninstaller can also be executed silently using the command line:

Uninstall-FreeCAD.exe /S

Note that (silent) uninstallation will fail if there is a running instance of FreeCAD, even if that instance is not the version being uninstalled.

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