Mac 시스템에 설치

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This page is a translated version of the page Installing on Mac and the translation is 22% complete.

macOS 에서는 프로그램 파일 폴더에 끌어넣기 할 수 있는 *.dmg 패키지로 부터 프리캐드를 설치 할 수 있습니다. Download 페이지를 읽어 보세요.

If you would like to download a development version, which may be unstable, see the Weekly builds download page.

You can also use a package manager such as HomeBrew to keep your software updated. Instructions to install HomeBrew can be seen here. When HomeBrew installed you can simply install FreeCAD through your bash terminal with

brew install --cask freecad

and to use the latest version available on HomeBrew you may run

brew install freecad

If there are any issues with the HomeBrew Cask or Formula you may report them to here.

This page describes the usage and features of the FreeCAD installer. It also includes uninstallation instructions. Head to Getting started once installation is complete.

Simple installation

The FreeCAD installer is provided as a app package (.app) enclosed in a disk image file.

You can download the latest installer from the Download page. After downloading the file, just mount the disk image, then drag it to the Application folder or a folder of your choice.

That's it.Just click on the app to launch FreeCAD. If you have this message "FreeCAD can't be open as it is from unidentified developer." Open the folder (Application) and right click on the app then click open and accept to open the application.


There currently isn't an uninstaller for FreeCAD installed with dmg package. To completely remove FreeCAD and all installed components, drag the following files and folders to the Trash:

  • In the Applications directory:
    • /Applications/
  • In the Users Home Library directory
    • $HOME/Library/Application Support/FreeCAD
    • $HOME/Library/Preferences/FreeCAD
    • $HOME/Library/Preferences/com.freecad.FreeCAD.plist
    • $HOME/Library/Caches/FreeCAD

If you installed FreeCAD with homebrew, then use the brew uninstall freecad command to uninstall /Applications/ The related files and directories in the user home Library will still need to be removed manually.