Gui Command

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The GuiCommand is one of the most important functions of FreeCAD in the main interaction point of the user. Every time the user selects a menu item or presses a toolbar button it activates a GuiCommand. Some of the attributes of a GuiCommand are:

  • Defines a name
  • Contains an icon
  • Defines the scope for an undo/redo
  • Has a help page
  • Opens and controls dialogs
  • Macro recording
  • and others.


The GuiCommand is named in a standard way: ModuleName_CommandName e.g., "Base_Open" this is the Open Gui Command in the Base system. The GuiCommand in a certain module is named with the module name in front e.g., "Part_Cylinder".

If the documentation is not finished use Template:UnfinishedDocu.

Help page

Every GuiCommand has to have a help page. The help page is hosted on the FreeCAD documentation wiki. The article has the same name as the GuiCommand, e.g. Draft ShapeString.

To create your own help pages you can use the template GuiCommand model



Every GuiCommand has to have an icon. We use the Tango icon set and its guidelines. On the right side you see the tango color palette.

All icons should be created in SVG format with a vector image application, such as Inkscape. This makes it easier to apply changes and derive additional icons in the same application space.

Icons color coding chart

We try as much as possible to respect this chart, so the color of the icons has a direct meaning.