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There are a lot of Videos about FreeCAD, to many to list here. Even the number of "channels" is high. I think that many channels are under subscribed, you may want to help change this. Also encourage creators by liking the videos. Based on considerable time watching videos here is a list of some of FreeCAD on Video channels. If you are a creator and wish to be included you can edit the wiki or contact one of the authors of this page ( see View History ) to have your channel included. You may also want to check out the discussion page.

If the video is not in your language of choice, this may help:

Let us know if you find other or better references to this topic.

So far just YouTube but other outlets are welcome.

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I believe this is the most comprehensive page on videos, but is not the only Wiki page or the most detailed one:

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Video Channels

So far, for convenience of editing the links on this page are broken into separate sections, and so far, ordering is arbitrary.

Discussion tab has some info. on source of column contents and meaning of column headers.

Quality of Content

The videos here are not judged by quality of content, version of FreeCad, or even continued existence of the channel ( but known dead links will be removed ). The list may not even be maintained to keep it really up to date. But here are some ways to judge these things for yourself.

  • Quality of Content
    • It is quite a chore to create a channel. With that effort involved, most channels seem to make a corresponding effort to know what they are talking about. But view the content, make your own jucgegement and if you have a comment: this is a wiki, so you can make a comment in the table below.
  • Version of FreeCad
    • YouTube dates the videos, compare to time now, and to releases of FreeCAD. In my experience videos use the official release of FreeCAD or the next one in process. Some videos show what may be coming in branches of FreeCAD
  • Timeliness of this page
    • Check out the tab "View History" and the column "Last Tracked Video"
    • You could of course do some work on updating the page yourself.

Section 1

Name/Link Author Says Last Tracked Video Narration/Subtitles... Comments Related Links
mathcodeprint - YouTube Devoted to 3d Printing, Embedded Electronics, Education and Related. ( And anything else I love ). Dec 2020 - 4 Months English Audio mathcodeprint – Erwin Schroedinger was quoted to have said "Curious until death." I thought to myself hmmmm like a cat.
Learn FreeCAD - YouTube Na Dec 2020 - 2 years No Audio Naration, shows Mouse selections clearly. Learn FreeCAD
sliptonic - YouTube Na Dec 2020 - 3 weeks English Audio
Joko Engineeringhelp - YouTube This is a channel covering Engineering Tutorials for Math and Solid Modeling, Computer Programming, some Thermodynamics and a few other topics. Dec 2020 - 9 Hours English Audio
Ha Gei - YouTube Videos for Beginners , some English some German. For V 0.17 and 0.18 . No advertising embedded. Dec 2020 - 4 Months English Audio and German Audio
BPLRFE - YouTube Vorstellung des Open-Source-Programmes FreeCA Dec 20 - 3 years German Audio na
Andrew CAD - YouTube Hi! My name is Andrew and I'm a CNC programmer, setter and operator for 3, 4 and 5 axis vertical milling machines! Taking a concept and turning the idea into a physical object is awesome! Being able to unleash your inner creative and make it a reality changes your view on life - nothing is impossible and only your imagination is the limit!

Join me on my CNC CAD CAM journey as I teach others to create designs and bring them into reality!

Dec 2020 - 4 days English audio. New to me, I have found informative. Channel has few subscriptions, I think should have more, check it out.
Ivan Oblak - YouTube This channel will primarily help you to raise your level of knowledge from Solidworks and Autocad. You can also find various tips from mind games on it. Dec 2020 - 9 hours Music, most work done with mouse so you can see it. Despite description lots of FreeCAD Content.

FreeCAD Newbie - YouTube A newbie learning FreeCAD and CAD in general by making random objects and parts.

Location: Indonesia

Dec 2020 - 1 week Music, most work done with mouse so you can see it. na
Linux 好好玩實驗室 - YouTube 這是南臺科技大學電子系「Linux 好好玩實驗室」教學頻道,Linux 可以好好玩,不必很辛苦、很痛苦的「學」,只要想玩就可以玩好 Linux。

除了 Linux 之外,我也會放一些其他的影片,重點都是在「玩」。 Linux 好好玩實驗室,歡迎大家一起玩。 Location: Taiwan

Dec 2020 - 2 Weeks Mostly music with mouse movements shown. Lots of content other than FreeCAD, new FreeCAD videos may not be in the works na

MECH INFOTECH - YouTube Na Dec 2020 - 1 Week English audio Na

Brodie Fairhall - YouTube I make educational videos for Makers.

Location: Australia

Dec 2020 - 1 month English Audio

thomas neemann - YouTube Dieser Kanal versucht auf J. Krishnamurti aufmerksam zu machen.

Auch gibt es hier aktuelle Informationen und Empfehlungen z.b. zum Thema Corona. Eneuerbare Energie ist hier auch zu finden.

"Der Grund-Irrtum der Menschheit (daraus entsteht alles menschengemachte Leiden): "Ich denke" ist ein Irrtum, weil das Denken das Ich erzeugt, eine Illusion. Diese Illusion erzeugt Angst, daraus entsteht Hass, Trennung usw... Wenn genug Menschen das erkennen, entsteht Mitgefühl, Weltfrieden, eine neue Gesellschaft und Miteinander." frei nach j.krishnamurti hier ist noch mehr von Jiddu Krishnamurti:

Dec 2020 - 5 hours No audio, titles in German, Mouse movement clearly shown na
Glasson Design Studio - YouTube I am a part time wood worker with an IT background and an interest in 3D furniture design.

The goal of this channel is to share information about fine wood working design using software and how to use the software as well. I choose to use the FreeCAD software for designing furniture and contribute to the FreeCAD community as much as I can. How to support me: I am very grateful that you watch my videos. I am constantly trying to improve the quality of the videos on this channel. If you'd like to help me do this, please consider supporting this channel to allow me to continue to produce content for your enjoyment. You can support this channel by buying me a coffee at All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to purchase equipment to improve productivity and the quality of the videos that I produce for this channel. Location: Australia

Dec 2020 - 3 weeks English Audio
Evgeniy Ivanov - YouTube Tutorials and Lessons for Engienners: CAD and CAE software: FreeCAD, SolidWorks, ANSYS, OpenFOAM

Group facebook: Group vk: Email: Location: Russia

Dec 2020 - 3 weeks English audio na
WayofWood - YouTube Welcome to the my channel and the Way of Wood.

Making things is my passion. What I most enjoy about it is to figure out new ways off the beaten track. There is a wide variety of things that I make on this channel:

  • Furniture
  • 3dprinting
  • Shop projects
  • Woodworking jigs
  • Props and fun projects
  • Small scale dollhouse models
  • Restaurations
  • ... and many more ...

With each video I show and explain the methods, share plans and 3D models to make sure you can recreate the project. But most importantly I would like to inspire you to look for new ways and creative solutions to master your own projects. For more information and more details visit my website: Location: Germany

Dec 2020 - 1 week English audio Channel not limited to FreeCAD
Aidan Williamson - YouTube

"Remember! Let's not think as consumers 'this is not good', 'I don't like it', 'forget it', 'GVCS is not enough', but let's think more like creators! 'How can we do it?', 'I want to do it like that!', 'I want to change this', 'I want to create this' and do it. Creating and producing is much more powerful than consuming. Nothing is fixed and stable, we are changing it and creating it." ~Nikolay Georgiev "...But there is one other very important lesson the CEB machine development process has taught me. I wanted a perfect, out of the box, plug and play, machine that was both cheap and beautiful. We've come to expect that with our cars and computers. It's a kind of magic that deceives us by its packaging and presentation when behind it, and without fail, is misery, abuse and a huge pile of pollution..." ~Propagelle Project (

Dec 2020 - 1 year ( for a FreeCAD Video ) English audio na
SamovarXL - YouTube na Dec 2020 - 6 months No audio -- clear mouse movements include other topics than FreeCAD na
John T - YouTube na Dec 2020 - 1 year for FreeCAD No audio -- clear mouse movements Lots of other topics other than FreeCAD na
(64) Petr Švejda - YouTube FreeCAD from Beginner to Professional - Drawing tutorials not only for 3D print.

Location: Czechia

Dec 2020 - 5 months Music with clear mouse movements
thehardwareguy - YouTube My name is Gareth. I'm an Engineer/Maker. I also love to teach. For all things Electronics, DIY, CAD and 3D Printing... be sure to subscribe!

Location: United Kingdom

Dec 2020 - 1 month English audio FreeCAD is just part of his content. 3D Printing, CAD & Electronics ]
DrVAX Here at the DrVax YouTube channel, I present easy to understand videos about how to become a maker.

Learn about 3d printing, woodworking, basic electronics, computer-aided design, and even a little bit of computer programming. If you are young or old, working or newly retired you can learn something new today by just watching videos. This channel includes tutorials for folks with no technical skills up to experts. Learn something new today. Location: United States

Dec 2020 - 1 month (for FreeCAD) English Audio
gzumwalt - YouTube I fail when I decide to stop learning.

Follow me on: Instructables: YouMagine: MyMiniFactory: Cults3d: Location: United States

Dec 2020 - 2 months ( for FreeCAD ) English audio see Author Says
Martham Engineering - YouTube na Dec 2020 - 9 months English audio na

Section 2

Name/Link Author Says Last Tracked Video Narration/Subtitles... Comments Related Links
FreeCAD jewellery design - YouTube Videos about chunky jewellery and 3D design of heavy rings and massive pendants / Vídeos sobre joyas tochas y diseños de anillos y colgantes Dec 2020 - 1 year No audio, follow the mouse. jewelery design a less common application in YouTube videos na
MadeInFondDuGarage - YouTube Du Vlog, du bricolage, de la bidouille, de l'impression 3D et de la CNC en passant par de la réalisation de tuto, des tests matos et moto, modélisme avion hélico et autre bizarrerie a la sauce steam mais aussi de la réparation utile. bref tous ce qui fait mon quotidien, et le votre.

la page facebook qui vas avec @madeinfonddugarage Linux Mint XFCE-ou KDE, linux Opensuse KDE, et parfois Windows10 :( montage sur KDEnlive que j'aime beaucoup, pas de chichi, full fonction bref tres bien caméra, sony bloogie version début, avec écran orientable et objectif mécanique pour une meilleur qualité Location: France

Dec 2020 - 6 days (may not be about FreeCAD) French Audio
BcastLar - YouTube Dec 2020 - 3 months English audio A one year old channel, not much content yet, but looks promising.
anisim Open Source Engineering Software - YouTube In meinem Youtube Channel möchte ich euch Videos und Tutorials über freie oder quelloffene CAD, FEM und CFD Software zeigen. Ich hoffe, ich kann damit dem einen oder anderen helfen, Open Source Engineering Software zu nutzen.

Viel Spaß bei meinen Videos und ein riesen Dank an die Entwickler! Location: Germany

Dec 2020 - 3 months German audio
MangoJelly Solutions - YouTube Hi from Mangojelly (aka MangoJelly Labs). I’m here to share my journey and Knowledge as an Engineer and Craftsman

to help you accomplish your design and engineering tasks faster and easier. If you like these videos and want to see more please consider donating a few pennies. All money will be invested into making better quality content. We all have sat through guides that cover too much and end up searching through just for one little snippet of information. I aim to deliver smaller, specific tutorials to get to the point faster. I don’t want to deliver one tutorial that covers everything I want something more concentrated. I want my learning broken into bite-sized chunks delivering an outcome that can be used for a variety of applications. So whether you're a hobbyist, professional or you just have some down time and want to learn something new, join me and subscribe to my journey and get straight to the point and straight to the answer. Location: United Kingdom

Dec 2020 - 2 days English audio
61quick - YouTube na Dec 2020 - 5 years No audio, follow the mouse quite a bit of content, but old versions of FreeCAD na
bram de vries - YouTube *Home Dec 2020 - 5 years English audio quite a bit of content, but old versions of FreeCAD
Mark Ganson - YouTube na Dec 2020 - 2 months English audio lots and lots of content
FreeCAD Fun - YouTube Location: Indonesia Dec 2020 - 1 week English Audio More than 30 videos
Bugman - YouTube FreeCAD, Linux, Technical Drawing Location: Brazil

Dec 2020 - 1 day Music with magnifier on the mouse Great deal of content, 100 videos ?
Yorik van Havre - YouTube Yorik's blog Dec 2020 - 1 year English audio seems to have stopped making new video, many old ones mostly about BIM *Yorik's blog
Peter Phelps - YouTube Author Says Dec 2020 - 2 weeks English audio Not all videos are on FreeCAD, but there are a whole lot that are.
PJ - YouTube Location: France Dec 2020 - 11 months French audio Content in French is nice to have after so much English and German. Lots of FreeCAD, lots of other stuff.
flowwies corner - YouTube Herzlich Willkommen bei flowwies corner. Mein Motto lautet "CAD für Alle".

Ich teile mein Wissen in Form von Tutorials hier kostenfrei bei YouTube, damit möglichst Viele (z.B. junge Menschen in Ausbildung, Maker, Menschen in beruflicher Neuorientierung usw.) die Chance bekommen, sich im Bereich CAD und Engineering weiterzubilden. Für mich steht meine Community an aller erster Stelle und so versuche ich z.B. in meinen Videobeschreibungen einen Mehrwert mit recherchierten Inhalten und weiterführenden Infos zu liefern. Affiliate-Links und pure Produktwerbung gibt es auf meinem Kanal nicht. Zu meinem beruflichen Hintergrund: Ich bin Maschinenbauingenieur mit Spezialisierung auf "Digitale Produktentwicklung" und arbeite an einer Hochschule im Forschungs- und Lehrbetrieb an der Schnittstelle zwischen Informatik und Maschinenbau. Geschäftliche Anfragen nehme ich gerne per E-Mail entgegen.

Jan 2021 - 4 days German audio *(4) FreeCAD Academy - YouTube -- I think this is similar content in English

Willem Akerboom - YouTube na Jan 2021 - 2 weeks Silent Tends to very short ( under 5 min ) videos. Comment are turned off.

Adventures in creation - YouTube This channel will cover topics related to creating things. Whether its techniques to create things or things that we have created.

Its supposed to be informative and fun. We are new to creating videos and working on making them enjoyable to watch. - Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions if you thing there are things we can do better. Location: United States Our Blog The Jobbos Blog – Things that make you go ah!

Jan 2021 - 1 day English audio Some video on the transition from Fusion 360 to FreeCAD
Bernardo Cruz - YouTube En este canal podrás ver vídeos de mis grandes pasiones:

- Diseño 3D con FreeCAD - Electrónica y Programación con Arduino. - Bricolaje / maquetismo. De vez en cuando hago algún vídeo de otro tema; seguro que algún tema te gusta y tengas un motivo para suscribirte 😉. Cualquier objeto mostrado en mis videos podría estar a la venta. En caso de interesarte algo, sólo tienes que escribirme al correo electrónico que figura como marca de agua en todos mis vídeos. Este canal no es responsable de cualquier daño material o físico que pueda ocurrir en la realización de un proyecto expuesto en un vídeo. Toda persona es responsable del uso de las herramientas adecuadas y medidas de seguridad necesarias en cada caso, así como de saber lo que está haciendo. Si quieres contribuir al canal por PayPal, tu donación será muy bienvenida y te quedaría muy agradecido. Location: Spain

Jan 2021 - 1 year ( for FreeCAD, others - 3 days ) Spanish audio FreeCAD just one of many topics videos may cover, no recent FreeCAD content.
Christian Tutoriales CAD - YouTube Un canal con diversos tipos de temas y tutoriales para el aprendizaje de programas de diseño en CAD y prototipos en 3D,

como FreeCad, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Autocad, etc. Location: Spain

Jan 2021 - 4 weeks Spanish audio FreeCad and lots of other topics including other CAD systems
Eklavya Self Learning Tutorials - YouTube This channel is dedicated to all the self-learners.

Location: India

Jan 2021 - 1 day English audio Lots of individual videos, recently focused on BIM
Eye Skills - YouTube Jan 2021 - 2 days English audio Seem to be just a few short viedos on FreeCAD
Tutorius - YouTube Tutorius - Hauptsächlich Tutorials für 3D-Software, aber auch Videoschnitt, 3D-Druck.

Videos von meinen Modellflug-Eskapaden aus der Vergangenheit... Location: Germany

Jan 2021 - 5 days German audio
Whitman Technological - YouTube na Jan 2021 - 8 months English audio
Nicola Mingotti - YouTube Jan 2021 - 7 months ( for FreeCAD content ) Calm music, clear mouse movements Lots of other content, still active ( Jan 2021 ), but no current FreeCAD
Param Educeng - YouTube A lot more videos to come. Please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE if you like!

This channel was founded with a motive of free software education for all. At Knowledge Era, My aim is to provide quality learning education by the help of free and open source software. The Videos are designed to create a passion for engineering and explain each design steps in a simple way. This channel contains videos for beginners, intermediate & advanced users. I don't have a huge funding or corporate support. I am able to bring some positive changes to the world of engineering education. If you have any question or request for improving this channel, please feel free to contact me. Location: India

Jan 2021 - 2 years Music, clear mouse movements About 20 videos about Sketcher, all 2 years ago.
BavariaShape 2-3-D - YouTube Auf meinem Kanal sind Arbeitsabläufe, sowie Tipps & Tricks in kurzer Form leicht und verständlich erklärt. Die Lernvideos sind sparsam in der Dateigröße, sodass auch bei langsamer Internetverbindung eine vertretbare Ladezeit vorhanden sein sollte. Auf Tonaufnahmen habe ich deshalb auch verzichtet. Außerdem sind die Clips sind für die Betrachtung auf dem Smartphone optimiert. Ich arbeite als technischer Redakteur und Illustrator sowie als 3D-CAD-Designer.

On my channel workflows, as well as tips & tricks are explained in a short form easy and understandable. The tutorial videos are economical in file size, so that even with a slow Internet connection should be a reasonable loading time. I have therefore also dispensed with sound recordings. In addition, the clips are optimized for viewing on a smartphone. I work as a technical writer and illustrator, as well as 3D CAD designer. Location: Germany

Jan 2021 – 6 months Kein Audio, teilweise mit Untertitel. No audio, partly with subtitles. Etwa 45 Videos, max. 5 bis 10 Minuten. About 45 videos, max. 5 to 10 minutes.

In Process, Drafts

No drafts currently in process....

Issues for Video Creators

Consider: (This content is mostly from the Forum)

  • Include FreeCAD information from the About box, including especially the version of FreeCAD
  • Consider sticking to, at most, a lightly customized version of the FreeCAD interface unless part of the point of the video is the interface.
  • I've seen a number of tutorial videos for other software packages where the tutor/demonstrator has a webcam image of themselves on the screen during the tutorial/demo. A lot of the time it just shows them looking at the screen and talking, but at other times they are looking straight into the webcam when they are trying to introduce a new topic, explain something, or just adding commentary. Do you think that this sort of thing would be useful or appropriate in a FreeCAD tutorial?
  • Videos should never auto-start.
  • After starting there should be a way to quit/pause.
  • I would suggest calling out all hotkeys used, at least the first few times if they are used multiple times. (key-mon [1] or other tool showing keys/mouse buttons pressed are really handy for that.)
  • Briefly describe expected level of FreeCAD understanding at the beginning. If for example tutorial is for FEM user should know how to model the solid to be analyzed.
  • Clarity of voice and directions of Cursor that is being clicked or any other combo of keys eg. +ctrl or using shift with FreeCAD buttons.
  • it is best to use the default toolbars. If for some reason this is not the case, then it should at least be stated very clearly to avoid confusion.
  • Link to "source code" for the model.
  • Captions or subtitles can be useful, especially if available in multiple languages. You might pass this on to your viewers: *How to Translate a Foreign Language Video on YouTube • Jenni Wiltz and you might want to look up translation features that YouTube (or other platform) can support.
  • Some users like to know where a model is going at the beginning of a video. Should you show the end product or something similar at the beginning of the video?

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