FreeCAD Configuration Management Project

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This page is describes a potential 2018 Google Summer of Code project regarding configuration management for the FreeCAD CAE application.


FreeCAD relies on a large number of software packages and is available on most major platforms (Linux, OSX, Windows), each Distro/OS have several distribution methods available (package managers, Libpacks, pip, Conda, AppImages, installers, etc). This makes for a particularly challenging configuration management environment.


  1. A clear picture of FreeCAD's dependencies as well as their dependencies is required. This is envisioned as a visual depiction (perhaps a directed graph) and an analysis of conflicting versions.
  2. A plan for the partitioning of the FreeCAD functionality into manageable chunks along with smaller sets of dependencies is also required. It's desirable to identify interdependencies and not re-install them.

Expected Outcome

  1. A concrete/documented view of FreeCD's dependencies (and perhaps the trusted addons)
  2. A reduction in manual effort when releasing new versions of FreeCAD

Future Possibilities

This work will provide experience in the packaging and distribution of multi-platform, cross-dependency software.

Project Properties


  • Familiarity with
    • package managers (Launchpad, pbuilder, gitbuilder, conda, NSIS-installer)
    • build managers (cMake, make, VS, MSBuild, Nmake)
    • graph theory (Dependency graph)



Additional Information