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(October 2019) Do not edit this page. The information is incomplete and outdated. For the latest API, see the autogenerated API documentation, or generate the documentation yourself, see Source documentation.

This module is the counterpart of the FreeCAD module. It contains everything related to the User interface and the 3D views. Example:

import FreeCAD as App
import FreeCADGui as Gui

# get the 3D model document
doc = App.ActiveDocument    

# get the visual representation model document
gui_doc = Gui.ActiveDocument


Method.png activateWorkbench(string)

Description: Activates a workbench by name

Returns: nothing

Method.png activeDocument( )


Returns: the active document or None if no one exists

Method.png activeWorkbench( )


Returns: the active workbench object

Method.png addCommand(string, object)

Description: Adds a FreeCAD command. String is the name of the command and object is a classname defining the command


Method.png addIcon(string, string or list)

Description: Adds an icon as file name or in XPM format to the system


Method.png addIconPath(string)

Description: Add a new path to the system where to find icon files


Method.png addPreferencePage(string,string)

Description: Adds a UI form to the preferences dialog. The first argument specifies the file name and the second specifies the group name


Method.png addWorkbench(string, object)

Description: Adds a workbench under a defined name. The string is the workbench name and the object is a classname defining the workbench


Method.png createDialog(string)

Description: Opens a UI file


Method.png getDocument(string)

Description: Gets a document by its name

Returns: the document

Method.png getWorkbench(string)

Description: Gets a workbench by its name

Returns: the workbench

Method.png insert(string)

Description: Open a macro, Inventor or VRML file

Returns: the document

Method.png listWorkbenches( )

Description: Shows a list of all workbenches

Returns: a list

Method.png open(string)

Description: Opens a macro, Inventor or VRML file

Returns: the openend document

Method.png removeWorkbench(string)

Description: Removes a workbench by name


Method.png runCommand(string)

Description: Runs a FreeCAD command by name


Method.png updateGui( )

Description: Updates the main window and all its windows