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FEM SolverZ88

Menu location
Solve → Solver Z88
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The SolverZ88 command enables usage of the Z88 solver. It may be used for:

  1. Setting analysis parameters
  2. Selecting working directory
  3. Running the Z88 solver


To use the Z88 solver, the OpenSource version of Z88 (Z88OS) needs to be installed:

  1. Download the ZIP file from the Z88OS website.
  2. Extract the ZIP to a folder of your choice.
  3. In the FEM preferences go to the Z88 tab and there set the path to the z88r binary. If you are on Windows this would be the path to the file z88r.exe that is in the subfolder ~\bin\win64 of the folder where your extracted the ZIP.


  1. After the creation of an Analysis container, use one of the following alternatives:
    • Select Solve → Solver Z88 from the menu.
    • Press the S then Z shortcut keys.
  2. Double click the SolverZ88 object.
  3. Select the Analysis type.
  4. Click the Write button.
  5. Click the Run button.

As a result you get an object called Z88_xxx_results (depending on the run simulation) in the Tree view. This is the same kind of result object one gets when running the CalculiX solver. Starting from this, you can visualize the results using Post Pipeline and Clip Filters.


See the Z88 preferences for the possible solver settings like the used solver method.