FEM PostFilterWarp

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    FEM PostFilterWarp.svg FEM PostFilterWarp

    Menu location
    Results → Wrap filter
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    Introduced in version
    See also
    FEM Result pipeline, FEM tutorial


    Displays the deformed shape of the model using a specified scale factor. Therefore a warp filter only has an effect for result vectors that deform the shape.

    The result will be the same like with the Displacement slider of the result show dialog with the difference that the displacement is for the Warp filter in the SI unit meter. For example if you use a unit system where the length unit is mm and set a displacement factor of 100 in the result show dialog, you need to set for the Warp filter a factor of 100.000 to get the same result.

    FEM Warp-Filter-Example.gif

    A warp filter of the displacement of a beam clamped on one side.


    1. Select a previously created result pipeline.
    2. Invoke the command either by:
      • Pressing the button FEM PostFilterWarp.svg Warp filter button.
      • Using the menu Results → FEM PostFilterWarp.svg Warp filter.
    3. Adjust the Result display options like for the result pipeline. Hide that pipeline to see the effect of a Warp Filter.
    4. Specify the Warp factor directly or use the slider to set it. The Min warp and Max warp fields allow you to adjust the range of the slider.
    5. Click the OK button to finish the command.