FEM PostFilterLinearizedStresses

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FEM PostFilterLinearizedStresses.svg FEM PostFilterLinearizedStresses

Menu location
Results → Stress linearization plot
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
FEM Result pipeline, FEM Line clip filter, FEM tutorial


Creates a stress linearization plot.

To learn more about stress linearization plots, you can read this description.

FEM Stress-Linearization-Plot-Example.png

A stress linearization plot.


  1. Select a previously created Line clip filter.
  2. Invoke the command either by:
    • Pressing the button FEM PostFilterLinearizedStresses.svg Stress linearization plot.
    • Using the menu Results → FEM PostFilterLinearizedStresses.svg Stress linearization plot.
  3. An XY plot with linearized stress values (membrane, membrane+bending and total) along the line will be created in a separate window.