FEM PostCreateFunctionPlane

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FEM PostCreateFunctionPlane

Menu location
Results → Filter functions → Plane
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The FEM PostCreateFunctionPlane function defines how a mesh is cut geometrically. It is used by Function cut filter and Region clip filter.


Create a plane function

  1. Press the Plane button or select the Results → Filter functions → Plane option from the menu.
  2. The Implicit function task panel is opened.
  3. Optionally set the values for the origin and the direction of the section plane.
  4. Press the OK button to finish.

Edit a plane function

If the Plane object in the 3D view is hidden, select the Plane object in the tree view and press Space to make it visible, like in this example:

Move the plane

  • Click and drag the big white cuboid to move the plane along its normal vector.
  • Click and drag the white grid .

Rotate and tilt the plane

  • Click and drag a line that connects the small cubes with the the big white cuboid to rotate and tilt the plane around its origin.

Scale the plane

  • Click and drag one of the 6 small cubes to scale the plane. However, since the object is an infinite plane, the size does not matter.


  • Existing functions can be used for different filters and even for different result pipelines. It is nevertheless recommended to use a separate set of functions for each pipeline to keep track of the elements in the tree view.