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FEM PostApplyChanges.svg FEM PostApplyChanges

Menu location
Results → Apply changes to pipeline
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Std Refresh, FEM Filter functions


Toggles if changes to pipelines and filters are applied immediately or not.

If the feature is active, changes to filter functions and filters have an immediate effect. However, for large result meshes this can slow down the PC significantly.

If the feature is not active, a change of the size and position of functions first have an effect after recomputing the function object (see Std Refresh). For changes to filters, the change will first have an effect when pressing in the filter dialog the button Apply or by recomputing the filter object.


There are several ways to invoke the command:

  • Click the toolbar button FEM PostApplyChanges.svg Apply changes to pipeline
  • Use the menu Results → FEM PostApplyChanges.svg Apply changes to pipeline.