FEM Нелинейный механический материал

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FEM MaterialMechanicalNonlinear.svg FEM Нелинейный механический материал

Системное название
FEM MaterialMechanicalNonlinear
Расположение в меню
Model → Materials → Нелинейный механический материал
Быстрые клавиши
Представлено в версии
См. также
FEM tutorial


Adds nonlinear mechanical material model. Currently only plasticity with simple hardening is available.


  1. To define nonlinear mechanical material model do the following:
  2. To edit an existing MaterialMechanicalNonlinear object:
    • Click it in the Tree view.
    • Select the material model (currently only simple hardening is available).
    • Define yield points (stress vs plastic strain). The first point must have a zero plastic strain specified.


  • In FreeCAD 0.19 and older versions, it's possible to specify only 3 yield points. Since the 0.20 version, this limitation doesn't exist and a list of yield point can contain as many of them as needed.