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FEM MaterialEditor.svg FEM MaterialEditor

Menu location
Model → Materials → Material editor
FEM, Arch
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Material, Arch SetMaterial, FEM tutorial


The Material Editor allows you to edit and save the information contained in a FreeCAD material. Currently such materials are used by the Workbench FEM.svg FEM and Workbench Arch.svg Arch workbenches.

Material editor.png


The material editor can currently be accessed by either:

  1. Workbench Arch.svg Arch Workbench:
    • The Arch SetMaterial.svg Material button.
    • The menu Arch → Material tools → Arch SetMaterial.svg Material entry.
  2. Workbench FEM.svg FEM Workbench:
    • The FEM MaterialEditor.svg Material editor button.
    • The menu Model → Materials → FEM MaterialEditor.svg Material editor entry.


  • Browser button: Opens the contents of the URL property in a browser
  • Material card: Allows to choose a preset to fill in the fields
  • Open: Opens a .FCMat file
  • Save as: Saves the contents of the editor as a new .FCMat file
  • Preview: Not implemented yet
  • Properties editor: Allows to edit the contents of the material properties
  • Add property: Allows to add a new custom property
  • Delete property: Deletes a selected property. Only custom properties can be deleted


  • The OK and Cancel buttons have the same effect when the Material editor is not used to edit directly the material property of an existing object.