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FEM Examples.svg FEM Examples

Menu location
Utilities → Open FEM examples
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
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FEM tutorial


FEM Examples launches a graphical interface that allows you to access the different examples available in the Workbench FEM.svg FEM workbench.

FEM Example gui.png

The example selection dialog


  1. The examples will use one of the finite element solvers that the workbench supports. Therefore the necessary FEM solver must be installed before they can be run.
  2. Select the Utilities → FEM Examples.svg Open FEM examples option from the menu.
  3. The FEM Examples view opens with various categories, All, Constraints, Equations, Materials, Meshes, Solvers.
  4. Open the categories, select one example, and press Setup to open the simulation case only.
  5. Or press Run to open the case, and start the simulation, so that the results are available.