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FEM EquationElectricforce

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Solve → Electromagnetic Equations → Electricforce equation
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FEM Electrostatic equation


This equation describes the electrostatic force acting on a surface.

For info about the math of the equation, see the Elmer models manual, section Electrostatic force.


  1. After adding an Elmer solver as described here, select it in the tree view.
  2. Either use the toolbar button or the menu Solve → Electromagnetic Equations → Electricforce equation.
  3. Now either use the toolbar button or the menu Solve → Electromagnetic Equations → Electrostatic equation. This is important because the electricforce equation needs the potential field calculated by the Electrostatic equation.
  4. Change the equation's solver settings or the general solver settings if necessary.

The electricforce equation only calculates the force for faces with a electrostatic potential boundary condition if the boundary condition's option Calculate Electric Force is used.

Solver Settings

For the general solver settings, see the Elmer solver settings.

The electricforce equation provides this special setting:

  • DataExec Solver: By default the equation is only solved after a time step passed. This means it is first solved after the solution of other equations converged. When the setting is Always the equation is solved after every iteration within a time step. (For steady-state simulations the whole simulation is one time step.)

Analysis Feature Information

The electricforce equation does not have its own analysis features. It takes the electrostatic potential boundary condition from the Electrostatic equation. In the boundary condition it is important to use the option Calculate Electric Force.


The result is the electric force density in .