FEM ConstraintInitialFlowVelocity

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FEM ConstraintInitialFlowVelocity.svg FEM ConstraintInitialFlowVelocity

Menu location
Model → Fluid Constraints → Constraint initial flow velocity
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Constraint flow velocity, Constraint initial pressure


Creates an initial flow velocity constraint for a fluid flow analysis.


    • Either press the toolbar button FEM ConstraintInitialFlowVelocity.svg FEM_ConstraintInitialFlowVelocity or select the menu Model → Fluid Constraints → FEM ConstraintInitialFlowVelocity.svg Constraint initial flow velocity.
  1. Enter an initial flow velocity value for the analysis. The value is entered as a combination of the 3 main cartesian vectors components (X,Y,Z).
  2. For a 3D analysis, select a 'solid' (body) from your model, for a 2D analysis select a face.


  • The constraint cannot be oriented other then using the main Cartesian components. This is a limitation of Elmer.


In the most simple analyses, it is not necessary to specify the initial flow velocity, however it is recommended as best practice.