Extended functionality of Rebar Addon

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This page is dedicated to the description of the Google Summer of Code project idea regarding extended functionality of Rebar Addon. The linked wiki page can also serve as a starting point to get into this project.

Project detail

Rebar Addon and its limitation

The project is aimed at easing up the process of rebaring in FreeCAD. In this project, list of rebars will be provided to a user in the form of dropdown. On selecting rebar from dropdown, a dialog box will pop out with input fields where a user can provide data related to selected rebar.

But there is one big limitation due to which it is not much use in the real world. The problem is, a user has to do a lot of manual work to produce a single drawing sheet.


The user should select a component and then click on some button (say ‘Drawing`). After clicking on a button, a new popup window should open. In the popup window, there should be a table on which a list of rebars is shown. From that table user will select rebars he/she want to include in a drawing sheet and then click on ‘OK’ button. The output of drawing sheets should be in SVG format.

Expected Output

Click on the below link to download all files of expected output: https://forum.freecadweb.org/download/file.php?id=25870

Project Properties


  • Programming language Python
  • Knowledge of structural engineer field
  • Knowledge of FreeCAD and Drawing workbench



Additional Information