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The ExplodedAssembly workbench icon.svg ExplodedAssembly Workbench is an external workbench to create exploded views and animations of assemblies.


  • Create nice explosions of assemblies graphically (no code at all!)
  • Create sub-exploded groups
  • Give rotation to screws and nuts for realistic disassembles
  • Use the provided auxiliary assembly tools to place your parts together
  • TODO feature: create trajectory from wires and sketches







Standard tools

  • ExplodedAssembly CreateBoltGroup.png Create Bolt Group
  • ExplodedAssembly CreateSimpleGroup.png Create Simple Group
  • ExplodedAssembly ModifyIndividualObjectTrajectory.png Modify Individual Object Trajectory
  • ExplodedAssembly PlaceBefore.png Place Before
  • ExplodedAssembly ExplodeToSelection.png Explode To Selection
  • ExplodedAssembly Assemble.png Assemble
  • ExplodedAssembly PlayBackwards.png Play Backwards
  • ExplodedAssembly StopAnimation.png Stop Animation
  • ExplodedAssembly PlayForward.png Play Forward
  • ExplodedAssembly Disassemble.png Disassemble
  • ExplodedAssembly TrajectoryVisibility.png Trajectory Visibility
  • ExplodedAssembly AlignToEdge.png Align To Edge
  • ExplodedAssembly Rotate90.png Rotate 90
  • ExplodedAssembly PoinToPoint.png Poin To Point
  • ExplodedAssembly PlaceConcentrically.png Place Concentrically

Additional tools

These tools can be added to a custom toolbar. See Interface Customization.

  • ExplodedAssembly AnimationCameraEdge.png Animation Camera Edge
  • ExplodedAssembly AnimationCameraFollow.png Animation Camera Follow
  • ExplodedAssembly AnimationCameraManual.png Animation Camera Manual
  • ExplodedAssembly WireTrajectory.png Wire Trajectory


Automatic installation

This workbench can be installed from the Addon Manager.

From GitHub

Using git on Ubuntu & Mint:

  • Open the command prompt (terminal) with the keys Ctrl+Alt+t
  • Install git: sudo apt-get install git
  • Clone repository: git clone https://github.com/JMG1/ExplodedAssembly ~/.FreeCAD/Mod/ExplodedAssembly

That's all, the next time you launch FreeCAD the workbench should be available.

To install manually download this repository as ZIP and:

  • For Ubuntu, Mint and similar OS's extract it inside: /home/username/.local/share/FreeCAD/Mod (version 0.20 and above) or /home/username/.FreeCAD/Mod (version 0.19 and below)
  • For Windows extract it inside: C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\FreeCAD\Mod

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