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DynamicData is an external workbench with which one can create a container object for holding custom properties.

With this workbench it's possible to create a new custom property of just about any type that FreeCAD supports. For example a Length property or a Placement property. These custom properties can then be used in Expressions just like any other property. For example, you could create a Length property called "Width" and refer to it when constraining a sketch element. Then when the "Width" property is changed, the sketch constraint will automatically update. This is similar to the way one can use a spreadsheet, but is more interactive in that the properties can be changed while still being able to see the 3D view and also allows for a wider variety of property types.

Some features include:

  • ability to import named constraints from a sketch
  • ability to copy properties or set property values from one object to another
  • container objects remain compatible with FreeCAD installations that do not have the workbench installed


This workbench can be installed from the Addon Manager. For manual installation see Installing more workbenches.


External workbenches

FreeCAD workbenches are easy to program in Python, there are therefore many people developing additional workbenches outside of the FreeCAD main developers.

The external workbenches page has some information and tutorials on some of them, and the FreeCAD Addons project aims at gathering them and making them easily installable from within FreeCAD.

New workbenches are in development, stay tuned!