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Detta verktyg uppgraderar valda objekt på olika sätt. Om inget objekt är markerat, så ombes du att välja ett.

Draft Upgrade example.jpg

An open non-editable wire is upgraded to a closed wire, and then to a face. A closed non-editable square wire is also upgraded to a face. The two faces are then upgraded to create a compound, which is finally upgraded to a single editable Draft Wire.


  1. Optionally select one or more objects.
  2. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Draft Upgrade.svg Draft Upgrade button.
    • Select the Modification → Draft Upgrade.svg Upgrade option from the menu.
    • Use the keyboard shortcut: U then P.
  3. If you have not yet selected an object: select an object in the 3D view.




To upgrade objects use the upgrade method of the Draft module.

upgrade_list = upgrade(objects, delete=False, force=None)
  • objects contains the objects to be upgraded. It is either a single object or a list of objects.
  • If delete is True the source objects are deleted.
  • force forces a certain way of upgrading by calling a specific internal function. It can be: "makeCompound", "closeGroupWires", "makeSolid", "closeWire", "turnToParts", "makeFusion", "makeShell", "makeFaces", "draftify", "joinFaces", "makeSketchFace", "makeWires" or "turnToLine".
  • upgrade_list is returned. It is a list containing two lists: a list of new objects and a list of objects to be deleted. If delete is True the second list is empty.


import FreeCAD as App
import Draft

doc = App.newDocument()

circle = Draft.make_circle(1000)
rectangle = Draft.make_rectangle(2000, 800)

add_list1, delete_list1 = Draft.upgrade([circle, rectangle], delete=False)

line1 = Draft.make_line(App.Vector(2000, 0, 0), App.Vector(2500, 1500, 0))
line2 = Draft.make_line(App.Vector(2500, 1500, 0), App.Vector(3000, -1000, 0))

add_list2, delete_list2 = Draft.upgrade([line1, line2], delete=False)

simple_wire = add_list2[0]
add_list3, delete_list3 = Draft.upgrade(simple_wire, delete=False)

closed_wire = add_list3[0]
add_list4, delete_list4 = Draft.upgrade(closed_wire, delete=False)

face = add_list4[0]
add_list5, delete_list5 = Draft.upgrade(face, delete=False)