Taslak Özel

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Taslak Özel

Menü konumu
Taslak → Yakalama → Özel
Taslak, Mimari
Varsayılan kısayol
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Bu anlık konum etkinleştirildiğinde, nesne tarafından tanımlanan özel anlık konumlar kullanılabilir. Bunlar şunları içerir:

Snapping the second point of a line to a special point of an Arch Wall, which is a vertex of its Base object


For general information about snapping see Draft Snap.

  1. Make sure snapping is enabled. See Draft Snap Lock.
  2. If Draft Snap Special is not active do one of the following:
    • Press the button in the Draft snap toolbar.
    • Hold down the button in the Draft snap widget and in the menu that opens select the Snap Special option.
  3. Choose a Draft or Arch command to create your geometry.
  4. Note that you can also change snap options while a command is active.
  5. Move the cursor over a supported object.
  6. The object is highlighted.
  7. If a special point is found the point is marked and the icon is displayed near the cursor.
  8. If the object has multiple special points: optionally move the cursor closer to another special point.
  9. Click to confirm the point.

Supported special points


See Draft Snap.