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This page is a translated version of the page Draft Snap Center and the translation is 8% complete.

Draft Snap Center.svg Draft Snap Center

Menu location
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
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See also
Draft Snap, Draft Snap Lock


The Draft Snap Center.svg Draft Snap Center option snaps to the center point of faces and circular edges, and to the DANEPlacement point of Draft WorkingPlaneProxies and Arch BuildingParts. The faces and edges can belong to Draft or Arch objects but also to objects created with other workbenches.

Draft Snap Center example arc.png

Snapping the second point of a line to the center of a circular edge

Draft Snap Center example buildingpart.png

Snapping the second point of a line to the Placement point of an Arch BuildingPart


For general information about snapping see Draft Snap.

  1. Make sure snapping is enabled. See Draft Snap Lock.svg Draft Snap Lock.
  2. If Draft Snap Center is not active do one of the following:
    • Press the Draft Snap Center.svg button in the Draft snap toolbar.
    • Hold down the Draft Snap Lock.svgToolbar flyout arrow.svg button in the Draft snap widget and in the menu that opens select the Draft Snap Center.svg Snap Center option.
  3. Choose a Draft or Arch command to create your geometry.
  4. Note that you can also change snap options while a command is active.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • To select the center point of a face or circular edge:
      • Move the cursor over the face or edge.
      • The face or edge is highlighted.
    • To select the DANEPlacement point of a Draft WorkingPlaneProxy:
      • Move the cursor over any element of the working plane proxy.
      • The working plane proxy is not highlighted.
    • To select the DANEPlacement point of an Arch BuildingPart:
      • Move the cursor over one of the edges of the small axis symbol of the BuildingPart, or over the text next to it that displays the DANELabel of the BuildingPart and its level.
      • Only the edges of the axis symbol are highlighted. The text is not highlighted.
  6. If a point is found the point is marked and the Draft Snap Center.svg icon is displayed near the cursor.
  7. Click to confirm the point.


See Draft Snap.