Draft ShowSnapBar

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    Draft ShowSnapBar.svg Draft ShowSnapBar

    Menu location
    Utilities → Show snap toolbar
    Draft, Arch
    Default shortcut
    Introduced in version
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    Draft Snap


    The Draft ShowSnapBar.svg Draft ShowSnapBar command shows the Draft Snap toolbar. Some users only want to see this toolbar when a command is active and have changed their preferences accordingly. For them this command is a way to show the toolbar to inspect, and optionally change, the snap options.


    1. Select the Utilities → Draft ShowSnapBar.svg Show snap toolbar option from the menu.


    • Like any toolbar the Draft Snap toolbar can be toggled using these methods:
      • Select the View → Toolbars → Draft Snap option from the menu.
      • Right-click an empty space in the toolbar area and select the Draft Snap option from the menu that appears.